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Continuing Education Workshops

Each Program A, B, C, D provides 8 CME

Good for all FL Mediation Certifications

Florida Bar 8 CLE's & Fl Health Professionals 7 CEU's




All Programs will be Interactive/Zoom until further notice - Scroll down for schedule




  • Each program provides 8 CME credits, half of the 16 credits that's required, for Family, Circuit Civil, Dependency, County and Appellate Certifications. Each 8 hour program includes: 4-ethics, 1-diversity, 2-interpersonal violence (IPV) and 1-general
  • 8 CLE for Attorneys, including 4-ethics, 1-bias elimination
  • 7 CEU (general) for FL Mental Health Professionals
  • Information critical to your effectiveness and success as a mediator
  • An excellent networking opportunity
  • Advanced Mediation Practice Issues and Domestic Violence                                                        

2022 CME Program Schedule 


January 21 Fri Program A Zoom interactive
February 12 Sat Progam B Zoom interactive
March 11 Fri Program C Zoom interactive


Online Interactive Zoom Webinar's $179ea, 9:30 AM - 5:15 PM


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Our live in person programs are ON HOLD until further notice - COVID 19



CME Refund Policy Only:

A full refund will be given up to 4-days prior to the start of any program.

Thereafter, but before a program starts a credit/reschedule will be given toward another program.

Sorry no refunds or credits after a program starts

Please call 561-241-0413 for any questions or concerns 





July 2021 - 2022

Mediation Training Group, Inc

Program A



           Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq..             

                                              Includes: 4-ethics, 1-diversity, 2-interpersonal violence (IPV) and 1-general  



 9:30-11:10am         INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

                                    Liz Bradshaw, MSW , Ft. Laud. Police Dept. Senior Dom Violence Advocate of

                                    Psychology of Violence


 11:10-11:20am       BREAK                                                


 11:20-12:10pm       DIVERSITY: Discriminatory Harassment: Sarah deLaurentis, Esq. 


 12:10-1:00pm         GENERAL: It’s not only about money! Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


 1:00-1:15pm            Lunch on Your Own


 1:15-4:45pm           ETHICS: New ethical issues; “Open Book” Q&A; and a look at MEAC and

                                    MQDRB cases on Advertising and Marketing      

                                    Robin Caral Shaw, Esq


 3:00-3:10pm           AFTERNOON BREAK


 4:45-4:50pm           Evaluations and Final Remarks: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq


                                    * Once in-person programs are possible, lunch will be 1 hour



Program B

 Mediation Training Group, Inc 

2021 - 2022  


Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.

                                                                Includes: 4-ethics, 1-diversity, 2-interpersonal violence (IPV) and 1-general 



9:30-11:10 am           INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE: 

                                      Liz Bradshaw, MSW , Ft. Laud. Police Dept. Senior Dom Violence Advocate of

                                      Psychology of Violence


11:10-11:20am          Break


11:20 -12:10pm         DIVERSITY/BIAS ELIMINATION: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


12:10-1:00pm            TBD


1:00-2:00-pm             Lunch on Your Own


2:00-5:20 pm              ETHICS:

                                       Latest MQB Sanctions:   Do You Agree?   Latest MEAC Opinions   Do You Agree?


3:30-3:40pm               Break                              


5:20-5:30pm               Final Remarks and Q & A



Program C 

Mediation Training Group, Inc

 May 2021-2022  

Changes Are Opportunities To Grow!


Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.

        Includes: 4-ethics, 1-diversity, 2-interpersonal violence (IPV) and 1-general 




                                      Cases and Lessons Learned  – Sarah deLaurentis, Esq.      (2 hrs IPV)


 11:20-11:30am         Break



                                      Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.      (1 hr General)



                                      ---Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.    (1 hr Bias/Diversity)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

 1:00-2:00pm             Lunch on Your Own                


 2:00-5:20pm             ETHICS:  Latest MEAC opinions and MQDRB decisions                                                                                                                                           Confidentiality and Other Interesting Ethics Matters                                            

                                      ---Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.                       (4 hrs Ethics)


 5:20-5:30pm             Final Remarks and Evaluations


 Program D 

Mediation Training Group, Inc

Oct 2021- 2022  


 Includes: 4-ethics, 1-diversity, 2-interpersonal violence (IPV) and 1-Tech

Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.




9:30-11:10am            INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE – Out of sight cannot mean out of mind:

                                      IPV and Workplace Violence in the Age of COVID

                                      --- Liz Bradshaw, M.S., Ft Lauderdale Police Department


11:10-11:25am         Break                                        


11:25-12:15pm         DIVERSITY/ETHICS - Bias is back! Current events generate strong                                                                           

                                     emotions. Are you still neutral and imparcial in mediation?

                                     ---Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


12:15-12:45pm         Lunch


12:45-2:50pm           Ethics: MEAC and MQDRB Adapting pre-pandemic opinions and  

                                     decisions to current Zoom and other realities – Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


2:50-3:00pm             Break


3:00-3:50pm             TECHNOLOGY - The Top Ten Technology Tips for Attorneys

                                                  – Jay Berkowitz, Founder and Partner, Ten Golden Rules


3:50-4:40pm             Ethics New Topics, New Challenges: --  Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.



4:40-4:45pm              Final Remarks



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Attorneys will receive 8 CLER credits, including 4 in ethics, for attending the CME Workshop.

Psychologists & Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals will earn 7 hours of Continuing Education, provided through MTG, as approved by the Florida Department of Health for LCSW, LMHC, and LMFT, the Florida Office of School Psychology for School Psychologists, and the Florida Board of Psychology for Psychologists


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