Continuing Mediator Education (CME) Workshops

Distinctive Advanced Mediation Training Workshops (A,B,C)
Continuing Mediator Education (CME) in an interactive format

Certified Appellate Mediators may use 4-hours of the Appellate Certification Program

for their Appellate CME Requirements. (call 561-852-1633)

   Each full-day (8 hr)workshop provides:

  • 1 day of Continuing Mediator Education Workshops = 8 credits, half of your CME requirement of 16 credits. Includes 4 hours of Ethics, 1 hour of Diversity, 2 hours Domestic Violence and 1 hour General.
  • Information critical to your effectiveness and success as a mediator
  • An excellent networking opportunity
  • Special tracks for Advanced Mediation Practice Issues and Domestic Violence
  • 8 hours of CLER for Attorneys, including 4 of ethics
  • 7 hours of general CEUs for Mental Health Professionals

Each workshop is $179.00

Includes Morning Coffee Plus, Afternoon snack and All materials.


Program Schedule


October 4, 2015 Sun Program-A Boca Raton
November 21, 2015 Sat Program-B Ft Lauderdale
December 11, 2015 Fri Program-C Boca Raton
January 29, 2016 Fri Program-A Ft Lauderdale
February 27, 2016 Sat Program-B Boca Raton
March 31, 2016 Thu Program-C Ft Lauderdale
                                       Optional dates available, please call

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Programs A, B, and C are completely different and distinct workshops.

Each has a different agenda, speakers, and course content.

Primary Trainers: Professor Susan Dubow & Dr Elinor Robin




“Mediation:  Honing Your Skills, Gaining New Insights”


 9:30-11:10          DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  New Strategies and Techniques For Mediators


 11:10-11:20        Break    


 11:20-12:10        “Lessons Learned from Mediating Over 7,000 Cases”, Al Capp, Esq


 12:10-1:00          DIVERSITY:  “LBGTQ  Concepts and Insights”, Dr. Brandi Baumkirchner  


 1:00-2:00             Lunch on Your Own


 2:00-5:25            ETHICS: “ Running the Ethical Gauntlet”

                               Recertification Requirements, Latest MEAC Opinions

                               Latest  MQB  Cases, Personal Mediation Dilemmas


 3:40-3:50            Afternoon Break


 5:25-5:30            Evaluations/Final Discussion




2015   Program-B

"Mediation: Continuing The Learning Process"


9:30- 11:10       DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: “What Every Mediator Should Know”

                            Liz Bradshaw, Representative, Ft Lauderdale Police Dept.


11:10-11:20      Break


11:20-12:10     “How To Spot a Liar and Other Helpful Hints” 


12:10-1:00        DIVERSITY:  “Family Heirlooms and Other Treasures”


1:00-2:00          Lunch on Your Own


 2:00-5:25         ETHICS: “The Case of The Dastardly Drone”

                            Latest MEAC Opinions, Latest MQB Updates

                            Recertification Requirements, Ethical Survey


3:40-3:50          Break


5:25-5:30          Evaluations/Final Discussion




2015 Program C

“Mediation:  New Issues and Insights for Mediators” 


 9:30-11:10        DOMESTIC VIOLENCE:  “ The Changing Role of Mediation Systemic

                             and Episodic Domestic Violence: Latest Views”


11:10-11:20       Break


11:20-12:10       DIVERSITY:  “ Walk a Mile in Their Shoes”


 12:10-1:00        “Intuition Skills for Mediators” , Georgia Robinson, Esq


1:00-2:00            Lunch on Your Own


 2:00-5:25           ETHICS: “Dealing With Difficult Dilemmas”

                              Latest MEAC Opinions, Latest MQB Cases, Recertification Requirements


                              Confidentiality:  Do We Read Between The Lines?


  5:25-5:30           Evaluations/Final Discussion



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Attorneys will receive 8 CLER credits, including 4 in ethics, for attending the CME Workshop.

Psychologists & Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals will earn 7 hours of Continuing Education, provided through MTG, Inc. as approved by the Florida Department of Health for LCSW, LMHC, and LMFT, the Florida Office of School Psychology for School Psychologists, and the Florida Board of Psychology for Psychologists


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