Continuing Mediator Education Workshops

Distinctive Advanced Training Workshops (A,B,C,D)
Continuing Mediator Education in an interactive format

    Each Advanced Mediation Workshop (A,B,C,D) Provides 8-CME, 8-CLE, 7-CEU:

  • 8 CME credits, half of the 16 credits required, for Family, Circuit Civil, Dependency & County Certifications.   
  • Includes: 4- Ethics, 1-Diversity, 2-Interpersonal Violence (Domestic Violence) and 1-General.
  • 8 CLE for Attorneys, including 4-ethics, 1-bias elimination
  • 7 CEU (general) for FL Mental Health Professionals
  • Information critical to your effectiveness and success as a mediator
  • An excellent networking opportunity
  • Special tracks for Advanced Mediation Practice Issues and Domestic Violence

Program Schedule  (Agenda below)


July 19 Fri Program-C Ft Lauderdale
August 8 Thu Program-A Boca Raton
September 6 Fri Program-B Boca Raton
October 11 Fri Program-D Boca Raton
November 15 Fri Program-C Boca Raton
December 13 Fri Program-B Boca Raton



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Refund Policy:

A full refund or reschedule date will be given up to 4-days prior to the start of any program.

Thereafter, but before a program start date a credit will be given toward another program.



Our programs are held, on specific dates, at the following facilities:

Fort Lauderdale/Davie-Nova SE University (NSU)--Main Campus-School of Business Building

Boca Raton- 1501 Spanish River Blvd, Boca Raton, Florida 33431




A, B, C & D are completely different and distinct workshops.

Each has a different agenda, and course content.

Continuing Education (CME) credits are good for All Mediation Certifications, except Appellate

CLE, CEU are also provided



Mediation Training Group, Inc

Program A--2019 

                                                                 “Reach New Heights of Understanding and Success”                                                                            Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.             




 9:30-11:10am         INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE: New Insights and Strategies for Mediators; Liz Bradshaw, MSW ,

                                                          Ft. Laud. Police Dept. Senior Dom Violence Advocate of Psychology of Violence

 11:10-11:20am       BREAK                                                


 11:20-12:10pm       MEDIATION:  Solution Focused Mediation: Allyson Tomchin, LCSW 


 12:10-1:00pm         DIVERSITY:   Difficult Diversity Dilemmas


 1:15-2:15pm           Lunch on Your Own


 2:00-5:25pm           ETHICS: Newest MQB Decisions & MEAC Opinions: Do You Agree?   Personal Ethical Dilemmas                           

                                    Real Life Ethical Case Situations:  What Would You Do? 


 3:30-3:40pm            AFTERNOON BREAK


 5:25-5:30pm            Evaluations and Final Remarks



Mediation Training Group, Inc

Program B--2019

“Ideas for Enhancements and Better Productivity”

Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.



                                      The Creation and Use of Screening Mechanisms in IPV Situations

                                      Handling the Mediation When IVP Becomes an Issue, Latest Research and Techniques



11:10-11:20am          Break


11:20 -12:10pm         DIVERSITY/BIAS ELIMINATION: New Strategies For Mediators;  Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.





1:00-2:00-pm             Lunch on Your Own


2:00-5:20 pm              ETHICS: The Case of the Confused Contractor; The Successful Handling of

                                       Multi Party Disputes, Al Capp, Esq.

                                       Latest MQB Sanctions:   Do You Agree?   Latest MEAC Opinions   Do You Agree?


3:30-3:40pm              Break                              


5:20-5:30pm              Final Remarks and Q & A



Mediation Training Group, Inc

 Program C--2019    

“Success In The New Year”

Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.




 9:30-11:10am            INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE PREVENTION:  Important Issues For Mediators;

                                       Liz Bradshaw, MSW, Domestic Violence Senior Violence Advocate,

                                       Ft. Lauderdale Police Department


 11:10-11:20am         Break


 11:20-12:10pm         Art of The Apology and How it Can Resolve Your Cases: 

                                      Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


 12:10-1:00pm           DIVERSITY: BIAS ELIMINATION: Latest Research and Its Effect on Mediation

                                      and Dispute Resolution                                                                                                                                                                            

 1:00-2:00pm             Lunch on Your Own                


 2:00-5:20pm             ETHICS: Review-Don’t Make These Mistakes!

                                      Latest MEAC Opinions and MQB Decisions

                                     The Case of The Mistaken Movie Critic

                                     Take the Ethical Entrance Exam!

                                     CME Renewal Requirements


 2:00-3:40pm             Professor Fran Tetunic ADR Director, Nova College of Law, Harvard Law Review:


 3:40-3:50pm             Break


 3:50-5:20pm             Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


 5:20-5:30pm             Final Remarks and Evaluations

Mediation Training Group, Inc

 Program D--2019    


Primary Trainer: Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.



9:30-10:20am           INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE – A Look at the Effects of IV on the                                                                                               Workplace, Robin Caral Shaw, Esq. 


10:20-11:35am         IV/DV:  SEXUAL HARASSMENT - Sarah deLaurentis, Esq.                                            


11:35-11:45pm         Break


11:45-12:35pm         TECHNOLOGY – Got Tech? - Mediation and Technology                                                                                                 

                                      Mike Bloom, Esq.          


12:35-1:35pm            Lunch on your own!


1:35--2:50pm            DIVERSITY/ETHICS - Mediating with an interpreter – How to avoid potential ethical, procedural, and                                       cultural pitfalls! Oscar Franco


2:50-3:00pm             Break


3:00-5:30pm             ETHICS –  A look at what’s new at MEAC and MQDRB; Compare ethical                                                                                            issues in other states with FL; Ethics Quick Q&A,                                                                                                                                               Robin Caral Shaw, Esq.


5:30-5:35pm              Final Remarks



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Attorneys will receive 8 CLER credits, including 4 in ethics, for attending the CME Workshop.

Psychologists & Mental Health Professionals
Mental Health Professionals will earn 7 hours of Continuing Education, provided through MTG, as approved by the Florida Department of Health for LCSW, LMHC, and LMFT, the Florida Office of School Psychology for School Psychologists, and the Florida Board of Psychology for Psychologists


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