Workplace Conflict Resolution Training

We can customize a conflict resolution training program designed to target your organization's specific situation, training need, desired outcome or group dynamic. In addition, we offer the following programs in one-day and half-day formats. We will bring these programs to your location or provide the training facility for your group. All of our classes are taught in a motivational, highly interactive and entertaining style!!


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"Conflict in the Workplace"

Understand how recent changes in our workplaces have turned them into breeding grounds for conflict. Learn the true cost that these conflicts impose upon us and what the options are, so that conflicts can be turned around - into spring boards for creativity. Learn effective strategies and skills to managing conflicts.

Negotiation Skills Builder
Build onto your current negotiation skills, discover negotiation skills you didn't know you had and learn incredible new ones. This seminar will teach you to be a more effective negotiator, even under stress, so that you can get what you want from an adversary or when you are invested in maintaining a relationship with the other side.

Mediation for Professionals

Learn the ABCs of how to mediate and a wide variety of practical mediation strategies, techniques and skills. This course prepares professionals to intervene within their area of expertise as well as in a wide range of other professional fields to assist people with differences reach win/win resolutions.

High Stress Conflict Management:
"When Conflict Borders on Combat"

Understand how individual conflict management styles can clash to further escalate conflict. Learn why conflict exists and how to de-escalate potentially violent situations in the workplace, at home and in other situations.

"Mini-Mediation for Law Enforcement Officers"
(for Regulatory, Code Enforcement & other law enforcement personnel)

Learn the ABCs of how to mediate and a wide variety of practical mediation strategies, techniques and skills. Understand how mediation concepts and practices can be applied - quickly - to high conflict situations.

"Diversity: Making Ethnic, Personality, Communication & Style Differences Work"
Using self assessment tools, and their personal histories, seminar participants will assess their individual personality, communication and conflict resolution styles. We will then explore how these differences can be used to complement each other and increase productivity and creativity.



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