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Parenting Coordination has become a newly recognized and vital practice for professionals in the therapeutic and legal areas!  A Parenting Coordinator aids parents who require assistance in successfully implementing their parenting plans in several essential ways. They resolve disputes; provide education and guidance; offer recommendations where required and make decisions where legally necessary. If applicable, a Parenting Coordinator, my even help parent develop the actual parenting plan.
This Parenting Coordination Program provides a comprehensive study in the role, responsibilities, functions and duties of a Parenting Coordinator. It prepares you to start a practice as a Program Coordinator by providing all essential training, information, procedures, statutes and other relevant information needed to perform in this capacity.

The Parenting Coordination Training Program provides all the necessary training required by Florida Statute 61.125., established October 1, 2009.  This program meets all the Standards established in the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Guidelines for Parenting Coordination Comprehensive Training. It also is in compliance with several other states and jurisdictions requiring Parenting Coordination training.  In order to become a Parent Coordinatior in Florida, you must also be a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.

This program will be presented by the following faculty members: Allyson Tomchin, LCSW, Professor Susan Dubow,  Dr. Elinor Robin, General Magistrate Barbara Beilly,  Steven Leigh, PhD and Board Certified Family Attorney Ken Gordon. Visit our Faculty Page to view bios of Faculty Members.


Classes are from 8:30am to 5:30pm each day

2014 Program Schedule

June 19-21
Thu - Sat
Ft Lauderdale
October 16-18
Thu - Sat

Attorneys receive 28 CLER hrs

Florida Licensed Mental Health Professionals receive 24 CEU hrs

Family and Dependency Mediators receive 11.8 CME hrs, which include 1.2-diversity,

4.8-domestic violence and 5.8-general

County and Circuit Civil Mediators receive 6.0 CME hrs which includes 4.8-domestic violence and 1.2-diversity


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What You Will Learn:

  • How to deal with high conflict parents
  • How to diffuse anger and find viable methods of handling issues
  • How and when to mediate and resolve conflicts between parents and children
  • When to be the mediator, negotiator, facilitator or decision maker
  • How to teach parents negotiation and conflict resolution skills    
  • What are the ethical standards for Parenting Coordinators and how they affect your daily practice
  • How to identify and understand the judicial system practices and procedures that relate to parenting issues

Why Select Mediation Training Group?

  • We have Parenting Coordinator Trainers who have not only been Parenting Coordinators since the inception of the profession and are on the cutting edge of the practice, but professors who are pioneers in  mediation and negotiation training.
  • We offer discounts on the Family Mediation Training Program and the Parenting Coordination Program if you take both 
  • We also offer group discounts and student discounts
  • We provide you with all the forms and other information you need to start your practice
  • We do a section on Marketing Your Conflict Resolution Business
  • Free monthly teleconferences with Professor Susan Dubow, Dr Elinor Robin and mediators

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