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The Mediation Training Group is a recognized leader in providing Innovative and Interactive Mediation and conflict resolution training programs!

Since 2000, over 10,000 professionals have attended our workshops and training programs to rave reviews. Our mission is to make YOUR training experience as beneficial and enjoyable as possible.

In each of our programs we use teaching methods designed to educate, enlighten, and entertain adult learners. Please sign up for one of our programs today and you will discover why so many of our students return to us over and over again.

We are Pleased to Provide:

  • Florida Supreme Court certified programs for County (3-day), Circuit Civil (5-day)and Family Mediation (5-day)Training.
  • Continuing Mediation Training (CME)
  • Parenting Coordination Training
  • Friendly Divorce Mediation Training
  • Marketing Your Mediation Practice Workshop Series
  • Elder Mediation and Shared Family Decision Making Training
  • On Site Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Conflict in the Workplace Training designed specifically for your company or agency
  • Programs Designed Specifically for your own Company or Agency
  • Consultation Services to Mediators and to the Industry

Why Choose Mediation Training Group?


  • Our faculty is composed of mediators who have vibrant and lucrative practices; judges; law professors; conflict resolution professors and other Award winning, recognized experts in the field of Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • We provide a structure within a relaxed, congenial atmosphere, condusive to adult learning
  • We assist you in obtaining and completing your mentorship requirements
  • Our programs are truly "edu-tainment"
  • Each of our programs provide a section on "How to Start and Build Your Mediation Practice"
  • We provide you with all the forms and documents needed to start your practice
  • We provide you with software to assist you in your practice
  • Free monthly teleconferences with Professor Susan Dubow, Dr. Elinor Robin and mediators


Why Should YOU Become a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator?

  • To obtain CLER, CEU, credits while acquiring a new profession and a new skill set
  • To become a more astute advocate or counselor
  • To improve your negotiation skills
  • To enhance your credentials
  • To serve as a mediator in court-ordered, voluntary, contractual, administrative agency, and pre-suit conflict




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